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Back in the days of the bookstore empire, I used to frequently visit the local Barnes & Nobles and spend hours roaming the makeshift halls of books. This was before there were any rules preventing you from sitting down and diving into a novel for hours, and it was glorious. I grew up in that specific bookstore, doing my elementary school and middle school homework in the Starbucks located inside, and reading fiction that I could better understand given my age at the time.

One memory in particular that always stands out to me was reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my dad on the carpeted floor, our own secret book club that we made for ourselves. The security guard would walk by and shake his head at our loitering, but wouldn’t do anything about it. It’s a daughter and a father having a good time, why should you interrupt such a genuine moment?

But anyway, I remembered one day I randomly had scotch tape in my purse and a boba straw and had to decided to attach the straw to a loooong piece of tape. For the better of 45 minutes I proudly chanted “ACCIO STRAW" and pulled the object towards me. It was dumb as shit, but my dad loved it and I amused myself to no end.

Now, the Barnes & Nobles is a furniture store three levels high, and there are very few people who roam through it. Where there was once a bastion of imagination, creativity and community, now there’s only commerce and faux Asian modeled statues that you can fancifully decorate on your coffee table.

To this day my dad and I stop and pay our respects. It was a great time for seekers of knowledge, and it will never be forgotten.


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Autumn exists in Los Angeles, it’s just a different definition than the one we’re accustomed to seeing in instragram photos and bath and body works candles.

The weather changes to one of absurd heat, an Indian Summer, and the wind from the blustery Santa Ana’s grace us with allergens, omens of fire, and late nights of admiring the chaotic tranquility of it all. The leaves change slowly, probably one of the few - if the only - sign that there’s a shift. We have this tree outside that is a adequate indicator of these changes.

Starbucks starts to prematurely offer seasonal beverages that I love to indulge in. Each year there’s an uproar about how participants of PSL and anything Pumpkin related are passionate about simple pleasures, and how disgusting these people fit into their little sugar cookie tin cans that end up being a pile of needles to hem the damage done by social media. I don’t necessarily care, I’ll drink the damn things. Maybe this time around I’ll make my own at home and find out it’s much better when I make it.

Television comes back and my DVR is full of shows that I’ll never get around to watch until the seasons over. 

I relapse to smoking cigarettes on my porch, sipping a cuppa tea, lights off. The transformers crackle intensely either from settled humidity or maybe it’s because there are no other sounds on the street. There’s a calm that washes over me and there are no words.

Autumn exists. It’s my favorite season. and it’s a beautiful thing in LA.